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Key actions for Admins when setting up your Converso account
Written by Chris Barley
Updated 10 months ago

If you're an Admin, here are some key actions to complete for effective set up of your Converso account for your business: 

1. Add your business details such as your address and logo, these are included in message templates and payment requests, under Settings > Business

2. Invite other users in your company to Converso by sending them an email invite, under Settings > Users 

3. Select users for your first group (General) so that you can manage messages as a team, under Admin > Team  

4. Set your Autoresponder to respond to messages sent by contacts without human input, under Admin > Auto responder (more details here)

5. Import contacts so you can start sending outbound messages and identify the sender of inbound messages, under Contacts (more details here)

6. Connect to WhatsApp for more effective multimedia messaging, under Admin > Channels (more details here)

7. Send out notifications to contacts so they expect to receive your messages, under Broadcast (this can also be completed by agents) (more details here)

8. Add tags so you can send broadcast messages, under Settings > Tags

9. Save your business logo on WhatsApp to provide a logo at the top of your WhatsApp conversations, under your 360dialog login at (more details here)

10. Create WhatsApp message templates so you can initiate outbound conversations, under your 360dialog login and Admin > message templates (more details here)

11. Connect to your payment providers (Stripe, Crezco) to collect payments over message conversations, under Settings > Integrations (more details here)

12. Connect your accounting apps to simplify bookkeeping, under Settings > Integrations

13. Create additional groups for other areas of your business, under Settings > Groups 

14. Add a WhatsApp chat button on your website so browsers will be able to easily message you from your website, under Admin > Channels (more details here)

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