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Key points before starting the WhatsApp connection process
Written by Chris Barley
Updated 8 months ago

Getting connected to WhatsApp is very simple, and only takes around 15 minutes.

To make it easier, however, you should note a few key things before starting - it will make the process much smoother!

1. Make sure you have your Facebook Business Manager login

If you're the one creating your new account, make sure you have a personal Facebook login that is also an Admin of your business's Facebook Business Manager account. 

Often this is difficult to locate, so make sure you have asked around beforehand to avoid duplication. 

If you don't have one, you can create one before at, or during the connection process.

2. Identify your WhatsApp Business API number

For your WhatsApp number, it's easiest to start with a number you already own, such as your existing office number. You will have to verify your number via a PIN delivered over a voice call during the WhatsApp connection process, so please make sure that your receptionist or whoever answers your office number, can take the call and relay the PIN number

You can also migrate your existing WhatsApp Business or personal number to your new WhatsApp Business API account, more info here. If those services used a mobile number, you can also verify the number by receiving the PIN via an SMS message.

3. Read the "Connecting to WhatsApp" article before starting  

No-one likes reading boring knowledge base articles! But this one is worth 10 mins of your time, as it gives you a heads-up of how the process will work, ensuring a smoother ride.

If you'd like to get some help while you get connected, please fix up a time here for a zoom call.   

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